Monthly Archives: June 2011

Surface appearances

When one of my brides from late last year asked me if I’d be interested in doing some product photography for her family company I thought sure, I can do that, no sweat. Well, I knew there’d be a little bit of sweat involved, as photographing glass objects is a lot harder than it seems, […]

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Wet kid

It might be the middle of winter but in my defense my studio does have underfloor heating, so it seemed within the bounds of reasonable parenting to ask my naked, wet-haired daughter to come into the studio for a wee while. She was great. She often just gets giggly and silly when I take her […]

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And now for something completely different

After a busy season of wedding photography and some lovely pregnancy and newborn shoots, I felt well qualified to move onto my next subject – cyanide tanks. The tanks in question were built early last century at a gold mine in Waihi, and are now heritage structures. The engineers at Dunning Thornton Consultants need detailed […]

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