Monthly Archives: June 2014

Twin toddlers

It was double the squidgy cuteness in the studio this morning, with these adorable twin sisters. Ayle and Mila are 17 months and barely stay still, so we worked hard to get these shots of them together for their mum and dad and there was a lot of running around from all of us.  I […]

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Otto and Heidi

A few of my favourite photos from a recent shoot with this beautiful wee brother and sister. This is the first time I’ve used the floral backdrop – it’s an old curtain I found at the tip recycling shot recently, and I thought the warm tones would work well with these kids’ amazing red hair. […]

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The many faces of Phemie, age three

Phemie is just the most delightful, easy-going little kid – the kind you want to squeeze till they crunch. I wanted to capture her beauty with some quiet shots, so there was quite a lot of “just looking, Phemie, not smiling” coaching going on, and she rose to the occasion beautifully.

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