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Green Party Co-leaders – great together

I was quite chuffed to have this flyer appear in our letterbox today, with a photo I took pretty much right beside said letterbox! It was really lovely to meet Green Party co-leaders James Shaw and Metiria Turei – such lovely people.

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A portrait of artist James Ormsby

It was a real honour to photograph artist James Ormsby with his mesmerising drawing of his ancestor King Tawhaio, completed in just two days in 2008. The graphite drawing, measuring an impressive 2x4m, now hangs in a stairwell at the Woolstore in Thorndon Quay. King Tawhaio (c. 1825-94) was the second Maori King, and James […]

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Sophie and Bailey

Beautiful sisters Sophie (9) and Bailey (5). Bailey was a little shy when she first arrived, which I really love as I’m a big fan of quiet photos. But as you can see, she and Sophie were leaping around and flicking their gorgeous hair by the end of it, so we ran the gamut…

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