Jigsaw Strategy – transforming local businesses

Jigsaw Strategy is something a bit special – the result of three sharp businesswomen joining forces – and it was no surprise when they told me they were after something a bit different for their corporate photos. No plain white walls for them – it was straight to the graffiti-ridden alleyways of central Wellington.

Kate, Janet and Julene are on a mission to change the face of business strategy in Wellington. Having each owned their own businesses for a number of years, they’ve pooled their talents to create Jigsaw Strategy. It’s an all-female firm specialising in providing Business Strategy, Team Strategy and Change Strategy services to local Wellington businesses and the Government sector.

Kate seems to be somewhat of a “collector of people”… I first met her through a photo shoot for her family five years ago and I have continued to be their family photographer since then. Janet and Kate met in the Koru lounge late on a Friday night as they waited for a delayed flight. An ad-hoc business meeting between Julene and Kate turned into a discussion of how they wished the world worked… and the seed of an idea. 

These chance meetings spawned a realisation that all three shared the same passion for helping local businesses go from ‘Good’ to GREAT!’ Being women of action they didn’t let the idea of working together sit for long – they became partners in a new business venture and Jigsaw Strategy was born. True to form, Kate collected the fourth member of the team from her Taekwondo club. Brittany, Jigsaw’s Business Analyst, is a black belt. The best kind of person to be hanging out with in dark central-city alleyways…

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