A portrait of artist James Ormsby

It was a real honour to photograph artist James Ormsby with his mesmerising drawing of his ancestor King Tawhaio, completed in just two days in 2008. The graphite drawing, measuring an impressive 2x4m, now hangs in a stairwell at the Woolstore in Thorndon Quay. King Tawhaio (c. 1825-94) was the second Maori King, and James has a direct whakapapa connection to the great rangitira through his grandmother.

King Tawhaio was regarded as a visionary who bequeathed wisdom in the form of prescient and ideological sayings, which continue to be followed by his iwi today. James himself comes across as a wise, gentle and thoughtful man. At the unveiling of the portrait in the Woolstore he said: “Don’t believe everything you think, and don’t think everything you believe.” My kids were obviously as taken with this as I was, because I discovered it written on 11-year-old Eva’s hand the next day!


[…] A portrait of artist James Ormsby […]

Sophie and Bailey

Beautiful sisters Sophie (9) and Bailey (5). Bailey was a little shy when she first arrived, which I really love as I’m a big fan of quiet photos. But as you can see, she and Sophie were leaping around and flicking their gorgeous hair by the end of it, so we ran the gamut…

Erena - July 6, 2017 - 9:28 am

Lovely sensitive images. And just think what the Pantene advertising crew would say if they had such stunning models.

Catherine - July 7, 2017 - 3:56 pm

Ha, yes! They would LOVE these two. :)

Author shots for Digby Scott

Digby Scott helps clients all over the world to grow and strengthen their leadership talent, and I was thrilled when his business manager Belinda got in touch about shooting some ‘edgy’ headshots for his upcoming book. Even more thrilled when Digby turned up with his awesome blue velvet jacket! I loved the little pop of blue with this darker look.

Digby reckons he does his best work when he’s helping people who are stuck on a threshold to step it up a notch, so they can get on with making the impact they want to make.  “I’m kind of like the swordsmith that creates the beautiful sword: by applying the right amount of heat, in the right way, you get a strong, authentic and lasting outcome.”

He runs leadership and career development programmes, workshops and coaching for individuals, teams and entire companies. You can read about his new book and pre-order a copy here.

Bhupendra’s 60th birthday celebrations

Bhupendra got to 60 years old without having had a birthday party thrown in his honour before, so his family decided this was going to be one heck of a bash! They booked out a room at the Indian Cultural Centre in Kemp St, Kilbirnie, hired Little India to do the catering (which was divine!), hired a DJ and filled the room with family and friends. I brought along a portable backdrop and my studio lights so that we could do some formal group shots as the guests arrived, and then the festivities began. It was an emotional night, with some really moving speeches, and it was very clear what a special man Bhupendra is and how dearly loved. It was so lovely to be part of it – thank you.


Annika is a lovely young woman from Germany who stayed with us recently as a “Wwoofer”. Wwoof.co.nz is about living and working on organic farms – we’re not an organic farm but they extended the brief to allow cultural exchanges, so now we regularly have people from all over the world come and stay with us. They do a few hours in the garden each day in return for food and board. It’s been great, and the kids have loved meeting people from so many different countries.

So not only is Annika a great weeder, she’s also awesome in front of the camera! I had this idea for a portrait that was kind of a study in colour; I lit the background with gels on my studio lights, and my friend Katie let me raid her wardrobe. My other friend Miranda Millen kindly came over and did Annika’s hair and makeup for me. I was so pleased how it all came together. Thanks everyone! Annika, I’ll send you a Dropbox link soon! xx