Interview with FujiLove magazine

Interview with FujiLove magazine

I can’t say I’m proud of my track record on promoting my business through social media - I think I’d give myself about a C grade, maybe a D. But I’ve been making an effort lately to up my Instagram game, so it was a real thrill to get an email from FujiLove Magazine recently saying they’d noticed my feed!

“Hi Catherine,

I’m Stephanie, Managing Editor for FujiLove Magazine. I came across your feed while browsing some Fujifilm hashtags and just fell in love with your images! Most of them made me really hungry…in a really good way!

I wondered whether you’d be interested in doing an interview for our magazine? We’d love to feature you in our March issue, if you’re interested….”

Errr, heck yes!!

And it got even better - after the interview Stephanie emailed again to ask would it be alright to feature this photograph of our beautiful daughter Eva on the cover. I wish I’d been able to video the little dance Eva did - she’s pretty proud of herself, and rightly so.

Because the magazine is a paid subscription publication I’m unable to post the interview in its entirety, but here are some screenshots of a few of the pages.

Thank you again FujiLove for this amazing opportunity!!

Botanica group show at RED Art Gallery

Botanica group show at RED Art Gallery

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Vidhi and Adi