Actor headshots for Stef

Team Miranda Catherine strikes again! This was just so much fun - I think actor portfolio headshots are my new favourite thing to shoot. It just felt like playing, really. :) Stef is an actor who has moved to New Zealand from New York and needed to update her portfolio. Miranda from Miranda Millen Makeup Artistry came over to my place and did Stef's hair and makeup while I worked downstairs, and then we nipped across into the studio. We started with the fresh 'girl next door' look, but Stef would also quite like to play a villain so Miranda jujjed (sp!) up her makeup halfway through the shoot and I changed my lighting setup for a more dramatic look. Personally I think Stef wouldn't look at all out of place as a brainy and beautiful detective on CSI...

Only eight and a half

Portraits of Morning Report's Susie Ferguson for Canvas