Amanda and Andrew's Silverstream wedding

My last wedding of the season, and Silverstream Retreat turned on some gorgeous autumn colours for us! The retreat is an old military hospital, used to house injured and recovering soldiers during World War II. It's in the process of being modernised but many of the old buildings remain, so as a venue it has heaps of character. undefinedundefined

Photo above right by my assistant Mark Berger.


Amanda and Andrew's beautiful baby Lily below!undefined


undefined Mark covered the guys' preparations while I was with Amanda and her bridesmaids, and took these shots above. He was pretty disappointed there was no back seat I reckon - the poor thing had to follow behind in my boring old car.


Amanda's mum walking her down the aisle to Madonna's "Like a Virgin"...


Photo above left by Mark.undefinedundefinedundefined

I was probably quite dumb to stand anywhere near the front of this car to take these shots - the pent-up power was pretty phenomenal! As was the smell. And the amount of rubber sprayed up the wall of the building!


Great fun was had by the adults inside and the kids outside! :)


Amanda and Andrew, you were so full of fun, energy and laughs - it set the tone for a great day and I'm sure your guests all had a ball! Thanks for choosing me to be part of it, and may the happiness continue throughout your lives together.

2011 Wellington Wedding Show

Yay for inspiring people