Amy and Bobby's wedding at Ohariu Farm

Bobby and Amy fell for each other after he delivered a courier parcel to the fabric shop where she was working. It was a quiet day with few customers and Amy was having a wee dance to the music on the radio, when she turned around to find him watching with an amused smile on his face. "Sign here please..." Amy is a textile design graduate with a great sense of style and colour. When I opened the front door when she and Bobby first came around to meet me I found myself blurting "you look great!" as if she was an old friend, but it was just that she was wearing such a striking outfit (including a red beret). She did look great! She did all the detailing on her wedding dress (which her friend made) herself, she and Bobby both screen-printed the patterns on the bottom of the bridesmaids' dresses and they made the bouquets themselves too. The green wedding shoes came from France after Amy spotted them on Pinterest.

Plans for an outdoor wedding at Ohariu Farm were scuppered by a downpour that started shortly before the ceremony, so the wedding was moved inside in front of the beautiful fireplace. Jamie and the band led everyone in the most beautiful version of Amazing Grace I've ever heard (it was my Grandma's favourite song so it always chokes me up at the best of times) and Amy's mother Lynn sang during the signing of the register. The downpour had eased to light rain by the time we went to do the photos so we took shelter under the trees on the driveway and in a garden on the farm, and the light was just magical, as it often is after rain. Combine that with a crazy bridal party and it was just so much fun.

Amy is English and Bobby is Samoan, and Bobby's mum Ekeline had organised a very cool double wedding cake that symbolised the two cultures coming together.

Photos of Bobby above taken by my assistant Ben Fitzwater.Photo above left by Ben.Photo above right by Ben.

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