Ania and Dale's wedding at Brackenridge, Wairarapa

I'm worried that if I write too much about this wedding it's going to turn into a rave, and it'll start to sound sycophantic and insincere! Suffice it to say it was awesome. Photos above by my assistant Mark Berger.

Although the day was sunny it was extremely windy, so the decision was made to move the ceremony inside.

Photos above by Mark.

Carla at Palliser Estate kindly allowed us to use one of their vineyards for the bridal party shoot and we were so grateful for the shelter provided by this barn. Even then bridesmaids Cyree and Marion spent much of their time battling to stay decent, and at one point Ania's veil ripped off and went sailing out across the vines.

Mark captured this unintentional little display of synchronised running. :)

Ania had made beautiful wedding favours and even the lace table runners.

In this Polish wedding tradition the bride and groom are greeted with bread and salt. The bread represents their parents' hope that they will never experience hunger or need, while the salt is a reminder that life can be difficult at times and they must learn to cope together with life's struggles.

After the speeches Mark and I handed over the photographic reins to Dion and his Amazing Travelling Photobooth, and left the guests to enjoy the rest of their evening.

Thank you Ania and Dale for choosing us to be part of this very special day and for being so much fun to work with. I wish you all the best.

Hair and makeup: Edyta Koscielecki

Dress: Brides on Thorndon

Wedding cake: Carmen's Cakes

Wedding car: Absolute Limousine



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