A beautiful Wharekauhau wedding

This is going to be a bit of an unusual wedding post as I am unable to share photos of the bride and groom or the guests, so it's a good challenge to see whether I can communicate something of the essence of the day through detail images! I think you will at least pick up that it was a gorgeous wedding, and you might just have to take my word for it about the incredible vibe. There were only about 35 guests (including a fair contingent of adorable children) and they nearly all came from overseas, as neither the bride or groom was born in New Zealand. Everyone stayed at the luxurious Wharekauhau Lodge for three nights. I think there's something magical about bringing people together like that in the middle of nowhere across several days: people can really get to know each other and it was clear that the two families were becoming good friends. I felt like one of the family myself by the time I left! They were all so downright lovely. Wharekauhau is on the South Coast of the Wairarapa and is an incredible place in any weather (the rooms on the coast side are called the Stormwatch Cottages), but there was widespread relief when the wedding day just happened to fall on the one day of respite during a week of rain and wind. The guests were out enjoying the coastal walks in the morning and enthusing about the beauty of New Zealand, and I felt like saying airily oh yes, it's all this gorgeous.... The first ceremony was held at the cute little Wairongamai Church halfway down the road back to Featherston, and that was followed by a Buddhist ceremony in the garden back at the lodge. Dinner was punctuated by much competitive national-anthem-singing and arm waving. :)

I am so grateful to be able to share these photographs as I just had the best day - thanks you two. xWharekauhau_wedding-055

Venue - Wharekauhau Lodge

Flowers - Yvette at The Piccadilly Flower Company

Hair and makeup - Miranda Millen

Entertainment - Anita Prime

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