Bill and his little sister Connie Jean

Alice had booked to have her kids photographed on August 16th but we postponed it a day because the roads were too icy for her to drive safely to my studio. Then early the next day I had to ring her (in a bit of a state!) and say sorry, can't do the shoot today, I've nearly burned my house down. The lovely Jo Frances stepped in to my rescue and let me use her gorgeous studio one Sunday in late August. So here we have the lovely Connie Jean.

And her big brother William, with his sparkly eyes and head of beautiful curls. Bill is one of those 100 miles an hour kids - we had about 10 minutes of cooperation and then he was over it. So it was a short shoot but a good one, and I have lots of lovely photos to show Alice and Johnny next week.

I love this last sequence. It was very difficult to get a good shot of the two kids together because Bill was all done with this photography carry-on by then and wanted to go off and play with his cars (also Alice tells me he's not so enamoured with Connie Jean just yet) but he did try to humour me, until Connie Jean pushed him away...


Anneke (and her mum's old teddy)

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