A Bit More Soul

Isn't that a great name for a photography workshop? It says it all really. I was so lucky to get a place on this amazing photography retreat last week, held out at the beautiful, rugged Boomrock. The presenters didn't just speak and run as is so often the case with workshops - they hung out with us for the whole four days, so we were all like one big happy family by the end of it. It was a pretty emotional experience I have to say (I seem to be incapable of watching someone cry without joining them). These incredibly talented photographers were so open and giving with their knowledge, and honest about how hard it has been for them at times. There was a lot of great stuff on how to cull the crap, trust your instinct and drill in on your own photographic voice. And the need to remember that we see only the 'highlights reels' of other people's work: it's so easy to think there's some big secret, to measure ourselves against others and find ourselves wanting. In the words of Jake Thomas though, we just need to do the small things well, and do them with integrity and kindness.

And there were unicorns.

I could waffle on forever but I will leave you with a random mix of photos from the week. Thanks and love to everyone who was a part of this wonderful experience. Stay in touch. x

I hate to rub it in - really I do - but this was the esteemed speaker line-up, in no particular order....  Oli Sansom, Emma and Pete, Fiona Anderson, Bayly and Moore, Jake Thomas, Mike Hill, and Kate MacPherson.


P.S. The flowers on the tables at Boomrock were done by Yvette at The Piccadilly Flower Company. Nice aye?

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