Budding Cartier-Bresson #1

Ok, this is a bit of a strange post but I did promise the kids...  It's school holidays at the moment and Alexander and Eva have been enjoying playing with my little Canon s90. They know about my blog, and the other day Alexander asked if I could blog some of his photos. He's quite enamoured with the idea of them going global! He has also kindly offered to allow me to enter some of them in competitions under my name. But we're actually going to start with Eva's photos (youngest gets to go first). So here you are, scenes deemed by a five-year-old girl as worth capturing for posterity...

I think the lamp one is rather beautiful (taken from our table at The Front Room cafe in Waikanae) and I also really like the slightly freaky dolls.

Stay tuned for Alexander's efforts :)

Two little boys

Leigh and Nick's wedding