Celeste and Svend's wedding at Tarureka Estate, Featherston

These two are so nice. Svend works for Weta and Celeste is the quietest, shyest, sweetest librarian you could hope to meet. They met at a Murder and Mayhem bookshop in Wales. They have an ongoing competition where they try to out-geek each other. They are thoroughly lovely people and I really enjoyed this day. The last wedding I blogged had on-again off-again rain. For this wedding, the next day, it was just on. But it was so on that it was almost less stressful for Celeste I think, because there was no getting her hopes up about maybe holding the ceremony or the bridal party photos outside. It just was what it was, and she was fine with that, which was awesome.

The rain was so heavy after the ceremony that we couldn't even get the guests out of the barn across to the house verandahs, so we did all the family photos in the loft where the ceremony was held. It was quite funny because we kept losing people to the lure of the soft cones machine downstairs and they had to be forcibly dragged back up to be in the photos. I am no match for an icecream machine.

I did manage to persuade the bridal party to dash across to the house, and we did all the photos on the verandahs and in the front rooms. Tarureka Estate homestead is a beautiful old villa that offers lots of options so it was all good. Svend, who is part Belgian, part Maori, part Scot and part Danish, looked positively regal in an amazing pukeko feather cloak that his mother made for him. He just needs to choose which country he'd like to rule...

Celebrant: Gaye Gough

Dress: Sophie Voon

Hair and makeup: Celeste's friends

Svend's suit: Harfords, feather cloak made by his mum Joy

Florist: A Daisy a Day



In the archway

One excited bridesmaid...