I'm a bit of a late starter for Blog 2014 but what better way to kick off the year than with some photos of family, taken on Boxing Day. Alexander and Eva's cousins from Auckland were staying for Christmas and it was so lovely to see the already-strong friendships developing even further. Normally after a few days the tensions start to arise between the two boys at least, but not this time - they might be maturing!?? It was our first Christmas in our new house, which was pretty special. I was uber-organised and chose a menu (thanks Cuisine magazine) that involved pre-prep and very little work on the day itself, so although we had 19 people here it was actually a very relaxing day.

I've been shooting some gorgeous weddings and any day now I'm going to start sharing them, but those posts take longer to put together! I've got two more weddings tomorrow and Saturday, then on Sunday morning I'm off on my flying visit to the States for the World Photographic Cup awards, staying just three nights. No doubt I'll be a wreck when I get back, but sometimes a bit of day-seizing is called for, methinks. I am pretty positive I haven't won an award, as New Zealand wasn't in the list of countries with a photographer "on the podium", but to my mind being a world finalist is exciting enough to warrant going!! I will report back on my adventures soon. :)

Featured in D-Photo magazine

Wild and windy Boomrock