Emma and Johnny's wedding at Makoura Lodge, Feilding

Emma and Johnny met at Oxford University in the UK about three years ago, and have both recently finished their PhDs in X-ray crystallography, where scientists learn about the molecular structure of protein crystals by firing X-rays at them and measuring how they scatter. Each placeholder on the reception tables had a little box made out of folded paper, and the guests could fit these together to create a larger molecular-like structure.

Emma told me she particularly loves symmetry and mirror planes, so although the rustic Makoura Lodge near Apiti, Feilding is not an overly symmetrical sort of place, I did at least find a couple of opportunities for reflection shots!

Johnny's brother James gave what I think must be the best wedding speech I've ever heard. He donned a white coat and announced he was the chief operating officer at Beale Bachelors, congratulated Emma on her choice of the JH86 model and proceeded to run through the operating manual, complete with slides (the one depicted below is for Personal Hygiene Settings).

As I think you can tell from photos below, this was a wedding chock-full of happiness and laughter, and I just had such a good time. Thank you so much Emma and Johnny for an awesome day.

(The soundtrack for these last few shots was "Summer Nights" from Grease. :) Emma's dress: Ellie Sanderson, Oxford, UK

Florist: Hiromi Kamimura

Makeup artist: Elyse Dacre

Hairstyling: Natalie Anderson, Vivo Hair Palmerston North

Cheese wedding cake: Steve's Wholefoods

WeddingWise Awards - Best of 2014

Emma and Johnny