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Feeling pretty chuffed to get a beautiful mention in Chris Parker's (past NZIPP President) column in this month's f11 Magazine about this year's Iris Awards and InFocus conference. He wrote: "The real value for me this year was expressed in tears. Tears of admiration, awe, sorrow, hurt, respect, love, angst, more sorrow and more respect. Those last eight words boil down to raw emotion, and the power that photography can hold over us all. Judges in tears, unable to carry on without composing themselves; such is the power of a few million well-placed pixels on a piece of paper. (Sorry Michael Kenna, that includes well-placed grains of silver too.

Catherine Cattanach's powerful image that appears in this issue of f11 Magazine had the hallmarks of every emotion listed above. The simplicity of composition and lighting lays bare the angst and sorry felt by family and friends, the courage to sit in front of the camera, my respect for doing so, admiration for the courage to fight the fight (as if there was a choice). We all know someone going through a similar struggle, remember to tell them that you love them."

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.48.56 pm

The latest f11 Magazine - cover image by Amber Griffin (Silver Distinction)

And in the NZIPP's latest ProReport, current President Russell Hamlet earned himself 50 million Brownie points by saying he liked my emotional, garbled acceptance speech at the gala dinner!

"For the first time anyone can remember, an image scored an average of 99. An extremely brave subject and her equally brave photographer, Catherine Cattanach, creating a respect for the many issues that abound in the disease of breast cancer. Catherine's brilliant award acceptance speech was one of the highlights of the night for me. If anything else her work showed how powerful what we photographers do is. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. In this instance no words could have created the emotional response her image did. Catherine did femininity proud."

Thank you very much, both of you.


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