My own fancy pants exhibition

lustre-exhibitionI am very excited to announce that my first-ever exhibition opens next week, at the new Art Room in the Woolstore design centre in Thorndon, Wellington. Very fancy pants of me, as my friend commented on Facebook. It's been a mad rush to get everything ready on time, because I didn't exactly intend for this to happen. Well, it was always on my Bucket List, and probably would have stayed there a long time had it not been for a meeting with the owner of the Woolstore, Paul Robinson. He had expressed an interest in seeing some of my images for permanent installation, so I brought a few along to show him earlier this month, and he said: "This is an exhibition! We'll lock it in for November." Yikes. So I owe Paul a debt of gratitude for being the catalyst, and David Strauss at Exhibit A for pulling out all the stops to get the framing done in time. David is working on them as I type, in fact...

There are only six photographs but I've printed them really big - five are 1m x 1m and one is 1m x 1.5m. I am so looking forward to that moment when I've hung them and I step back to see them all on the wall together!

Stop in and take a look if you're in Wellington, and try a piece of tarte tatin from the French Cafe on level 1 while you're there. I also really recommend the cheese shop next door.

"Lustre" photography exhibition at The Woolstore

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