Genee and Craig's Queensberry Duo Overlay wedding album

All the jargon around wedding album options can be mighty confusing, so I've decided to blog the odd album so that you can see samples of what the different styles actually look like. Last time we had Petra and Bryce's "Flushmount" album, where the photos (and the spaces between them) are printed directly onto a single sheet of paper and mounted onto stiff card pages.

This time we have Genee and Craig's 12x12" Duo album, also custom-made by New Zealand's own Queensberry, a wonderful company that I use for all my albums and books. Genee and Craig chose a classic black leather cover with an inset motif of a photograph I took of the two of them watching the sun set over the gorgeous coast at Boomrock.



The Duo is a traditional matted album with a modern twist - it combines fully matted apertures (the mat totally surrounds the image) with some photos that are full-bleed (right to the edge of the page). These full-bleed photos can a) fill the page entirely, b) run vertically with mats either side, or c) run horizontally, with mats top and bottom. You can even run the image right over the spine to create a panorama. So the Duos offer a lot of design flexibility, as well as high visual impact, and are extremely popular with my clients.

Here's a spread that is fully matted, followed by one where a fully matted side faces a vertical full-bleed shot of the ceremony.


Here are some more sample layouts, including a cross-spine panorama at the end (you could even fill both sides of the spread entirely with image if you wanted to).

Duo-overlay-004Duo-overlay-005Duo-overlay-006Duo-overlay-007Finally I wanted to show you what "Overlay" means, as opposed to "Pagemount" style. With an Overlay matted album the mat goes directly over the photograph, while Pagemount leaves a small edge of the base page showing between the photograph and the mat. The final image below is from a different wedding of mine, because a matted album has to be entirely Overlay or entirely Pagemount - it can't be a combination of both.

Duo-overlay-009Overlay (above). Pagemount (below). Pagemount

As a photographer naturally I'm biased towards prints and albums - personally I really, really love it when clients decide to get their wedding images OFF their computers and into a gorgeous, tangible album that they can hold, treasure, look through frequently and pass down to future generations!

Prices for these beautiful custom-made Queensberry albums start at $1350. For more information or if you'd like to drop by to see sample albums for yourself, flick me an email at

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