Genee and Craig's wedding at the Sacred Heart cathedral and Boomrock

A gorgeous Wellington cathedral, stunning clifftop reception venue, a beautiful sunset, groomsmen who want to hold hands and skip through the long grass - what more could you ask for in a wedding, really. There was so much laughter on this day - Genee's sister Charleen's speech was so funny I was crying. As was she, but she rejected the tissue offered mid-speech by the other bridesmaids, saying it smelled "a bit funky". P.S. No, I will not make you hold hands and skip through the long grass if I photograph your wedding. But if your sheer joy proves overwhelming and you can't resist the urge, then hell yes I will photograph it for you. Sacred-Heart-Boomrock-wedding-043-1Thank you Genee and Craig for such a fun day - it was awesome! And thanks to Mark Berger for joining me.

Dress: Confetti Bridal

Hair: Claudine Stace

Makeup: Dollface

Florist: Genee's mum Shona

Celebrant: Michael McCabe

Reception venue: Boomrock

Cake: Sweet Bakery and Cakery

Leap of faith

Featured in D-Photo magazine!