Given the chance to go or stay, you go

I just wanted to share this excellent blog post from Chase Jarvis, a US photographer and creative powerhouse. I first came across him through Creative Live, an excellent online education resource which he founded. I now subscribe to his blog, because he's an intelligent man who writes well and is not only insightful but has a refreshingly generous take on life. I've just appended the first point from his hit-list of "5 things that every creative person should get (and give)" - to read the full list click here. 1. Adventure + Experience. Whether in mind and spirit OR in actual physical practice, give yourself adventure and experience. Do stuff. Some stimulus, some INPUT is required as the raw building materials of a creative life. Profound is good, but unnecessary. What’s necessary are emotions, highs & lows, chinks in one’s armor, dents, road wear, and a range of experiences. What are yours? Some people go looking, others get hit by the truck, but in every case an experiential narrative is required for inspiration. So let me be blunt. Get off your ass. Given the chance to “go” or “stay”, you go. Whether you really go looking or metaphorically do, you won’t find “creativity”, you’ll find the stuff that creativity glues together. You’ve got to either cultivate, dig up, source, uncover or live these raw materials, these bricks, the sticks, and the meat to make something that only you can make. Live a life so that you can have a point of view.

Go and read the rest! And now, because no blog post is complete without a photo, here's one I took on my iPhone a while back. :)


Family shoot at Otari-Wilton's bush

Megan - natural light studio glamour shoot