Harold and Stanley in the studio

I first met Harold and Stanley's father Dion back in about 2011: I was just leaving a wedding reception at Brackenridge, and he was just arriving to set up his Amazing Travelling Photobooth. We introduced ourselves and I immediately had this feeling that even though we hadn't met before, he must surely at least be a friend of a friend of ours: it just felt like he would be. And that he SHOULD be a friend. It wouldn't surprise me if most people feel that way about Dion actually: he's one fine human being. He's married to another fine human being, Ruth, and these are their gorgeous, crazy boys Harold and Stanley. With their day-before haircuts from Dion himself, a man of many talents. Hairdressing was not even one he realised he had, until Harold instigated that rite of passage that nearly every child must surely go through, the Sibling Haircut. Dion tried to tell me the children in my studio portraits often look "tame, tame, tame" and that his boys would test my chops. I think that halfway during the shoot he was despairing that actually I might not be getting anything usable. as the kids were ... not tame. I have more than 70 photos to show you, Dion; here's a wee preview. With the odd funny face, admittedly, but hey, they cracked me up.

Vidhi, 5, and Adi, 3

Immy and Will and a feather duster