Headshots for hair and makeup artist Miranda Millen

I felt very honoured when the talented Miranda Millen approached me about taking these profile shots, but she hasn't seen them yet and I confess to feeling a bit of trepidation: after all, if there's anyone who knows EXACTLY how she wants to look in a photo it's someone who specialises in hair and makeup!! It's second-worst only to photographing fellow photographers, ha ha.

On the flip side, I guess, you get a free stylist for your shoot, and if there's a hair out of place it's her fault. :)

The second-to-last shot was an exposure check before Miranda was ready - I really like it.

In case you're wondering, Miranda said she got this cute dress from Skandi in Island Bay. I knew about them importing mid-century Scandinavian furniture but had no idea they'd got into clothing too - must get down there!

Lola featured on Baby Berry

Lola and her gorgeous curls