Hope and Bryn's vintage-style wedding at Tairoa Lodge, Hawera

Bali, pah - I reckon you can't call yourself a destination wedding photographer till you've shot in Hawera. What a gorgeous venue Tairoa Lodge is: it suited this vintage wedding perfectly. Hope and Bryn were married under the apple trees in the garden, with the ceremony followed by mingling in the sunshine (with vats of gin and tonic and Pimms on tap, and a grand piano filled with cold beer!). The marquee looked amazing: Hope had sourced beautiful old crockery and silverware for the tables, which also featured table numbers fashioned from wood by her father, and honey jars from her Grandad's old business. You'll have to excuse the number of detail shots below but the displays of flowers in mason jars, with lace, hessian twine, mossy wood and candles looked just as lovely (and totally different) at night, so you get them twice. :) I arrived the day before the wedding and Hope introduced me to the numerous farm animals at her parents' place (peacocks, ducks, horses, chickens, Grace the sheep and the gorgeous pig Hogbaby, who was to be decked out with her own wedding ribbon the next day), then we drove around some photo venues she had scouted. The photos under the willow tree were taken down by the river at the house Hope and Bryn have just bought this last week, and others were shot at her friend's house: nice to keep it personal!

Hope's brother Thomas was one of the MCs and when he was running through the order of events we got to dessert, and then, he promised, "some crazy shit is gonna start happening". And it did. Must be all that Pimms.

Thanks Hope and Bryn for a great day, and to Layla Papworth for joining me!

Vintage-style wedding flowersThese photos of the guys below were taken by Layla.Dress: Sally Bean, London

Suit hire: Sergios

Hair: Abstract Hair, Hawera

Makeup: Gerry Taylor

Florist: Judy Brown, with Hope's mum Erin as her talented assistant

Wedding cake: Hope and Bryn!

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