Katie and Mikey's wedding at The Boatshed

A yellow-themed spring wedding needs some sunshine, and these guys were so lucky - Friday was a gorgeous day sandwiched in between two rainy ones. I apologise now for the mammoth blog post. Friends and family of Katie and Mikey won't mind, but the rest of you are forgiven if you don't make it right to the end! I just had such a nice day and it was hard trimming it back. Katie's family feel like old friends now, after I photographed her sister Amanda's wedding and wee baby Keira, and also shot some graduation photos for the family. Mikey's family are just lovely too, and there was a great vibe at this wedding (and lots of kids!! Love it when there are lots of kids). When I was eating my dinner in a quietish spot near the bar, no fewer than three people came along and invited me to join them at their table, which I think is a reflection of how welcoming and kind everyone was. I felt a bit guilty declining but it was quite good just to take a quiet moment to recharge. Katie and Mikey got engaged in June, and I loved the story of how it happened. Katie had organised a weekend away, with massages, an NBA game and an afternoon of wine tasting, at the end of which there was a lovely slow-cooked lamb dinner that she'd prepared earlier. Mikey barely had to do a thing: he just cruised in on the back of all that romance and proposed after dinner as they toasted marshmallows. :)

Yua, 10

Cleo and Elias