Kay and Jim's wedding

You can't get much more local than this: Kay and Jim were married at the Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn, which is just around the corner from my studio, and held their reception at the Brooklyn Community Centre about five minutes away. I still took the car though as I have far too much gear! :) And because I had hired a video light for the day given the movie theatre was pretty dark. Turns out Jim was pulling my leg when he said they might project a tropical island scene onto the screen behind them - I thought that would be pretty cool! But the colours were actually lovely even without it, because of the red curtains and the deep turquoise of the seats. Kay and Jim took an almost entirely documentary approach to their wedding photography, with no formal photos, family groups etc - just one big group photo.

Jim and Kay both got ready at home, serenaded by son Dominic on the ukelele (when he wasn't scaling the walls). Jim brought out a box of beautiful photos from his own childhood - his Dad was a very talented photographer.

Dominic the performer suddenly had a case of nerves when it was time to bring the rings up the front, so Mike had to come and collect them. Note the Jaffa bag on the seat. All the guests were given Jaffas as they arrived at the theatre - styling.

There were heaps of kids at this wedding and they had an absolute ball - the community centre has a playground right outside. Then things got even better when Fairy Trina turned up to entertain the kids and paint some faces.

There was some pretty serious wishing going on when the fairy dust came out. This lovely series above was taken by my assistant Claire Wolfe.

Another lovely shot from Claire above.

Jim did warn me that his family LOVES to talk and I have to admit I wondered if it might be a long night, but the speeches were hilarious. Most people thought so at least (maybe not the young man above centre).

It was an honour to be involved in this lovely wedding and Claire and I really enjoyed it. Thank you Kay and Jim and all your wonderful friends and family for a great day!

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