Kids' Magic

The pedant in me has to put that apostrophe in there, even though it doesn't feature in the posters! I don't do that much commercial work so it is a rare thing for me to see my photographs on posters around town, but it feels pretty cool I have to say. This was quite an interesting shoot as the 'talent' were the offspring of my clients at the Wellington City Council. Ange and Celestina turned up at the studio with the kids and a whole bag of amazing props to shove them in, but the kids were suddenly feeling very choosy about what they would or would not wear for their mothers and things were turning to custard pretty quickly. Even though I'd set up the laptop for tethered shooting so that I could show Ange and Celestina the photos as we went along to make sure we were fulfilling the brief, I ended up making the call to send the Mums inside the house for a cup of tea. Not that they were doing anything wrong at all, mind you - it's just that kids can often respond differently when their parents need something from them and there's an opportunity for the child to assert some control. All credit to Ange and Celestina for totally getting this, and for trusting me to go it alone! When they first left, young Dash was sitting in the corner with his back to the room, crying. Frida was in a better headspace so I shoved a silly hat on my own head and started with some photos just of her, with strict instructions to Dash not to come over and see what we were doing. Off we went and it wasn't long before Dash was in there too. There was a lot of craziness and shouting went on from all three of us, and at one point I was wearing the sunflower headgear that Frida has on in the final shot (must have been quite a sight), and by the time the kids were over it 15 minutes later we had a good range of fun shots for Ange and Celestina to choose from. And I could go inside for a cup of tea and a wee lie-down.

Brigid and Martijn's wedding at Cafe Cecille, Masterton

Emma and Marie's wedding at Boomrock