Kids Stage World-Class Photography Exhibition!

I am one proud mother duck right now. I just got home from hanging a photography exhibition at Brooklyn School, of a range of work produced by Year 7 and 8 children who chose to do the photography elective I taught this term. It was extremely difficult to narrow the exhibition choices down to five photos per kid, because some of the work they came up with blew me away. Over the last few weeks we've looked at portraits, colour abstracts and documentary photography, and experimented with video lights and prisms. Most of the kids had either phones or tiny cameras that didn't allow much manual control, so I had to forget about teaching them stuff like aperture and shutter speed, and just focus (ha) on learning to see things differently.

This is just a small selection of their wonderful work.

Aaris Baskaran:

Arunan Dornan:

Chelsea Hume:

Ella Stewart:

Isobella Lucy:Jakob Braakhuis:

Laura Moller: Maisie Case:

Mia Simcock:

Nicole Dalley:

Xanthe Curtain:

I made up this poster below and we've plastered it over the school, and judging by all the "woah, cool"s we got while we were hanging up the kids' photos this morning I think they're going to find they soon will indeed be world famous.

Exhibition poster

A big day for a little girl

Bashful boy