Lana and Will's rainy Kapiti Coast wedding

Having a grand total of 30 minutes to do an entire bridal party shoot inside a motel unit is not every wedding photographer's dream. Neither is it every bride's. Lana didn't dream of holding her wedding ceremony inside a marquee, with torrential rain drumming on the roof, the ground getting boggier by the second and sandflies munching on her ankles as she said her vows. You wouldn't know it though - I was full of admiration for how she handled the inclement weather last Saturday: she just shrugged it off as one of those things (and it has to be noted that Will didn't throw a tantrum either). People do say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so Lana and Will have it in spades. They also have some of it in a jar: bridesmaid Bailey collected some rain during the day and presented it to Lana and Will during her speech, suggesting they dab some on their baby daughter's head when she's born in May. It was all a bit beautiful really, and a bit of the rain got in my eyes. A huge thank you to Summer Shimizu, who came along for a couple of hours to lug my bags through the rain and hold video lights etc for me!

Venue: Kapiti Golf Club

Celebrant: Andrea Buckland

Hair and makeup: Veronica Zhou from Claudine Stace

Florist: Copseford Flowers

Cake: Sweet Bakery and Cakery

James Bond as a small boy...