Limited time special offer on fine-art children's portraits

So here's a bit of an opportunity for you. I have a hulking great Hasselblad medium-format camera in my little hot hands for two weeks only, and I'd love to photograph your children. At a hugely discounted rate. I'm considering buying this camera, but even though it's an older model it's still a shedload of money, so it's a big decision. I am keen to put it through its paces over the next fortnight to make sure it's going to deliver what I hope it will.

I'm wanting to start doing more fine-art portraits of children in the studio. Quiet, beautifully lit studies that show the beauty of a child's natural resting face. Some of you are probably snorting by now, thinking "good luck getting that out of my little tearaway!" And it's true that it will often be a challenge. Medium format cameras demand a slower, more deliberate way of working than standard 35mm, and it's not an obvious fit with small children. But I reckon I can make this work. I love the idea of what that slowing down can do. The image quality that Hasselblad offers is outstanding, and I'm envisaging gorgeous big framed art prints on my clients' walls.

Below are some photos that show the sort of style I'm talking about. If you would like some images like this of your own child, get in touch quickly. The session plus four high-resolution digital files would normally set you back $630, but I'm offering this package at $250 (incl GST) between now and June 15, when I need to return the Hasselblad. I can also steer you in the right direction for beautiful printing and framing, although of course I'm also happy to organise these for you.

Some terms and conditions apply: please email me ( for details and to book your session. Spots are obviously limited as I need to work around existing commitments, so get in quick. :)


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