Lisa and Dan's wedding at Makara Church

Lisa's mum Julie has worked for my husband Alistair's company for nigh on 20 years now, so Lisa was just a young girl when I first heard of her (mind you, so was I, cough cough) and it was an honour to be photographing her wedding all these years later. She has grown into a lovely young woman with a beautiful, infectious smile - there are some photos below that I still can't look at without grinning. Lisa and Dan's celebrant Patrick Grace and his wife Christine own the bed and breakfast just down the road from the cute little Makara Church (which is called St Patrick's, funnily enough). So Lisa and her bridesmaids got ready at the B&B and we were also able to use their gorgeous garden for some of the photos after the ceremony (thank you, Christine and Patrick!). The reception was held in the Makara Community Hall right next to the church - Lisa's family had done a beautiful job of decorating it the day before, with coloured paper lanterns, a candy table and cool signage everywhere. They had a photo table with Polaroid cameras and props: I particularly like the "Missed the Shuttle" polaroid. A group of people caught the wrong bus and were halfway to a wedding in Ohariu Valley when they realised they were about to gatecrash some strangers' nuptials! Or perhaps someone on the bus realised they were imposters and threw them off the bus - I'm not quite sure how that moment of realisation panned out but they made it to the right church eventually...


Dress: Rasha Taylor

Makeup artist: Rebecca Connor

Hair: Lisa's friend Mabel

Caterers: Fine Touch

Bouquets: Karori Flower Shop

Cake: Family friend Chantelle

Accommodation: Makara Bed & Breakfast

Boomrock wedding featured in Bride & Groom magazine