Lola and her gorgeous curls

Lola's mum and dad got in touch about rectifying a Second Child Situation - their walls are covered with photos of Lola's big brother Sol taken when he was much younger, but they had nothing of Lola. So while we did take several lovely shots of the two kids together, and I sneaked in the odd shot just of Sol (he has changed quite a lot, to be fair), this shoot was really all about Lola. Which was just fine with her. :) She is a totally delightful kid who was raring to go right from when she walked in the door - no warm-ups and getting to know each other required with this one!

My new studio is not yet watertight so I set up my portable backdrop stands in our lounge, and shot against the seamless paper in one direction, then got Lola to sit on a chaise longue at the other end of the room for some natural light shots. Such a beautiful corner to shoot in!

Headshots for hair and makeup artist Miranda Millen

The modern child