Maggie, Phoebe and Gus

These kids' Dad, Hugh, is the builder who did our renovations last year, and in fact worked on all the major renovations that the previous owners did back in 2005, so he and our house go way back. Hugh and Bex have Maggie, three, and were more than a little surprised to find they were having twins - beautiful Phoebe and Gus were born in December. Bex was despairing of her daughter's behaviour - Maggie was a very reluctant starter and kept pulling her hat down over her face - but we played some hiding games and ended up with far too many gorgeous shots of Maggie to post here.

I got this email from Bex shortly after the shoot: "I would like to thank you for taking the time to capture our family photos. You made a stressful morning so much easier and I appreciate your calm and understanding manner towards Maggie. I hadn't anticipated her lack of desire to follow instructions and to be completely honest I could have curled up on the floor and sobbed!! Knowing what a special opportunity it was, I was desperate to get some shots in! I apologise for her sassy attitude!"

Bex I think you're going to be very pleasantly surprised when you see what we got. :)replace

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