Max and Leo

(I love this one. So formal!)

My sister brought her two wee boys over the other day for a quick shoot before the family left for Europe for a month. The last I heard from her was the evening before they left, and her husband Ernst had come down with food poisoning. So it will have been an interesting flight for poor old Sharon.

We're on holiday ourselves (I scheduled this to publish while we're away) - two weeks in the South Island. My parents are lending us their campervan and we're going to trek around a bit, and take the kids up skiing. Mum and Dad have demolished the house I grew up in, and I'm fascinated to see its replacement -  I can't quite get my ahead around it being gone. They were in the old house over 40 years. It wasn't an earthquake-related demolition in case you're wondering, but the earthquakes certainly did put paid to their plans for recouping some money by selling salvaged wood etc - the market is flooded!

I'll try to blog a few skiing photos while we're away, just to make you envious.

Back to work...

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