Meg & Steve's wedding

I met Meg about 13 years ago (gulp) when we were both doing a post-grad journalism course at Wellington Polytechnic. She's been working for the BBC in England for several years now, and fell in love with Steve (a Pom), so they live in London but returned to New Zealand to get married. Their daughter Maia was one of the flowergirls, a.k.a. Executive Bridesmaid. Meg's father Robin married Meg and Steve (how lovely is that?) in the gardens at Pounui Homestead in the Wairarapa, on a glorious sunny day, and the ceremony was followed by an Easter egg hunt for the children. There were heaps of kids there, and I loved seeing their excitement as the light faded and they had that thrill of being allowed to stay outside late and run around on the grass while the adults did boring stuff inside - I remember that feeling so well! I can't be that old after all... Many thanks to Helena de Kok for assisting.

Sam, Emily, Lee and Jim

A poem without words