Megan and Rees's wedding at Old St Paul's, Wellington

As you can no doubt tell from these photos, Megan is such a character and it was so much fun shooting this wedding! She wanted to replicate old-fashioned studio wedding photographs but with a modern twist, so she hired two huge fabric backdrops to hang in her lounge. We started with the Greek ruins, and then after the ceremony at the beautiful Old St Pauls, Megan and Rees came back to their lounge to dance in the moonlight before heading to the wedding reception at Martin Bosley's in Oriental Bay. But despite all these impressive efforts, they were very nearly upstaged on the day by their gorgeous five-year-old son Remy, who's a bit of a camera magnet. With amazing karate moves. We start with a shot that Megan wanted to surprise Rees with, after he said he reckoned she should start ironing his shirts once they were married...

Celebrant: Johanna Warren

Dress: Erin Taylor

Hair and makeup: Miranda Millen

Florist: Daisy a Day

Cake and veil: Megan's mum

Backdrop hire: First Scene

Wedding car: Prestige Classics



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Before the ceremony