Megan - natural light studio glamour shoot

This is Megan. In March I get the pleasure of photographing her wedding to the love of her life, Rees. Yesterday she had her wedding hair and makeup trial with the talented Miranda Millen, and we decided it would be a shame to look this hot and not make the most of it! So we got her into the studio afterwards for a wee shoot, and hopefully she and Rees went out on a date in the evening...  The lace dress and "paper pearls" (they're made of papier mache, would you believe) belonged to Megan's grandmother, and won't be worn on her wedding day, so it was lovely to be able to get some photos with those. Megan has awesomely quirky taste and has some fantastic ideas for her wedding photos - she wants them all done as formal studio portraits and has been investigating hiring picturesque backdrops: she's thinking mountains, rolling hills, the odd Corinthian column.... I can't wait. And then she turned up yesterday with this amazing structural wedding jacket that she bought online from the US! The before and after. Miranda was working in my lounge while I was in the studio, and when she'd finished I overheard Megan say she loved the look so much that she thought she might cry. :)I showed these photos to Megan on the back of the camera and she just said "Oh my God. Oh my GOD!" Which was rather gratifying, ha ha. But also it was a really good reminder for me: she said that if I hadn't shown her on the spot, she'd have assumed I had Photoshopped the hell out of them. And she probably would have liked them less for it. But this way, she knew that it was really her. Sometimes I get so caught up in a shoot that I forget to share the results with the client at the time, and I really should do this more - I hate the idea that people would think it was Photoshop! And also of course it's a really good confidence boost: it's not easy to be photographed and if you can see how well you're doing you're only going to relax more. Win-win. Megan told me she doesn't much like her big smile, so she may well not like shots like this last one. But I'm sorry Megan, it makes me grin to look at them, so you're totally out of luck!!

Given the chance to go or stay, you go

Ada, 11 days old