I'm writing this with a blanket over my knees, my Ugg boots on and a scarf around my neck, and the view across the valley is gone - obscured by a sheet of driving rain. You've got to love winter.  Few brides want to risk a day like this for their wedding, so there's a definite wedding "season" over the warmer months. Which only makes it seem more unfair when a howling gale sets in on a summer wedding day - howling gales have no respect these days - but that's another story. My next wedding booking isn't until October. My portrait and commercial work is much less time-intensive than weddings, and I am loving having a bit more space to do some personal projects. For a while there I just didn't have the time, or the energy. I wasn't even photographing my children, because it felt like I'd just be creating more photos that needed editing. I was feeling guilty about neglecting my personal photography - it's so important to keep feeding your creative soul, and it can only benefit your clients too!  It feels SO GOOD and so exciting to get back into it. I can feel my mojo coming back. undefinedundefinedThis is Greta. I walked past her on the street and thought "wow!" Then I stopped and called back to her, and asked her how she'd feel about modelling for me. That was back in February, and it took until June before we finally did the shoot. I enjoyed our afternoon together so much - she's a wonderful person and very interesting to talk to. She even told me she understood why I was asking her to hold pumpkins. OK so that shot didn't work but you have to try these things.


Greta brought along this black and white dress, which immediately made me think of this strip of backdrop fabric I had sitting on the shelf.

I stopped another amazing-looking woman in the street this morning while I was taking the kids to school - I'm going to get a reputation as a stalker soon.




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