Never work with children or animals?

I was feeling tired this morning and headachy too (we'd run out of coffee beans. Those who know me will appreciate the depth of this crisis), and I had a fundraising shoot for a local creche. But I've found that no matter what your mood when you go into these things, you're going to come out pretty upbeat. As a portrait photographer you have to summon up reserves of energy from somewhere within, even if you're not sure you have any that day. And when you're photographing a whole creche full of kids, you need to try to establish a connection with each one in a very short space of time. That takes an awful lot of silliness. I remember reading once that people can actually improve their mood by forcing themselves to smile, because the brain has such strong associations with those particular muscle movements that it gets 'tricked'. I certainly wasn't at the point this morning where I was having to force smiles, but I did go into that energetic, buoyant zone that you need to be in if you're going to get the results you want from the kids. And it's had a lasting effect on my day, which is fantastic! Reminds me why I love my job so much. And of course it was all further helped by the fact that I stopped and bought coffee beans on the way home... :)

Here's one of the kids from the creche. I'll be doing a proper blog post on the shoot in a week or two once I know which other photos I have permission to use.

Introducing Kate, three

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