New studio nearly finished

I am counting the sleeps! It's been a while in the making but my new photography studio is only about a month away from completion now. Unfortunately it has been bucketing down for nearly a fortnight now and that has slowed proceedings (can't bring gib board in through that kind of downpour!), but once the wall linings are up, the plastering and painting stages should go quite quickly, and I'm in! It was designed by Sam Kebbell from Kebbell Daish Architects, and is being built by Alan Clark.

Here are some shots from the outside. The first is taken from beside the house, and the second looks back towards the house. The massive door on the front has two panels: one solid and one glass (which is also pretty solid! Weighed a tonne), so I can pull the outer door across when I want to black out the studio and use only my studio lights.

Wellington photography studio external view

This next shot is taken with my back to the 'shooting wall'. The door in the middle connects the studio to the house. To the left is the bathroom, which will have a mezzanine bed above so that we can house guests in the studio, if I can bring myself to share! My desk is to the right, with a wall of shelves above. The floor is black polished concrete with underfloor heating (yay).

You get a better view of the bathroom area in the shot on the right below, and the left photo shows the wall I will shoot people against :-)  The studio has three lovely big skylights, so I can either use natural light or block them off and use just my strobes. The exact mechanism for how these blackout blinds will work has yet to be finalised but I have every faith that my clever engineer husband will think of something!

The wall that will house my photography backdropsMy current workspace is a total tip as I've been squirrelling away "finds" for the studio, including an awesome orange leather couch and two matching chairs, and a mannequin called Murray. So I can barely pick my way to my desk. There will be no excuses for a messy studio soon...

Family session

Jenna & Dylan's wedding