New Wellington photography studio shortlisted for architecture award

Our clever architect Sam Kebbell told us recently that my new photography studio has been shortlisted for a New Zealand Institute of Architects Wellington award, which is very exciting! A team of judges has come around to inspect it and have a chat, but we won't find out the results until about November. In the meantime, some long-overdue photos! These were taken in a real hurry before we left for Rarotonga (I have scheduled this blog entry to publish while we're away), but they'll give you the general idea. Hopefully they show the awesome ceiling design, with danpalon-covered skylights that echo the layout of the front wall panels/windows and diffuse the natural light beautifully. I can also block off the natural light, with blinds and a big barn door that rolls across the huge glass external door.

The floor is polished black concrete with underfloor heating, although in summer we should get some good thermal inertia going too, which will heat the concrete nicely (and bring down our power bill).

I don't actually sleep in there :)  It's a spare room for guests too, and works really well as it's down the other end of the house from the rest of the bedrooms and has its own bathroom.

We have a lot of landscaping work to do on the garden, and some jobs inside like design a library ladder and rail for the mezzanine area above the bathroom, but I'm in there and using it and absolutely loving it!

Rarotonga holiday

Charlotte and William