Newest addition to the family

Seems I didn't get off as lightly as I'd hoped when I slipped last weekend and hit my head and my camera :(  My trusty 5DII is now with Canon for repairs, right when I can't afford to be without it. I've been using the 5DII for a couple of years now, with a 20D as back-up, and thought I'd wait for the 5DII's successor before I bought a second full-frame camera. But with three weddings to shoot in the first eight days of January, I decided to buy a second 5DII now. Once my first baby is back from the lovely people at Canon I'll be able to load the two of them with different lenses, whack them both on my super-styley hipster holster and I'm good to go.

In the meantime I still have my 20D as back-up. I'm not sure what's in store for that camera once I have the repaired 5DII back. There are US companies who can turn 20Ds into dedicated infrared cameras, which would be really fun, but at about US$450 for the conversion I think maybe that's a toy I can do without...

Baby doll

Kenzyl is a rock star