Niki and Steve featured on Magnolia Rouge

I am so thrilled to have Niki and Steve's wedding featured on Magnolia Rouge today.

Niki has done a wonderful write-up about how she themed her wedding and all its lovely design features, but my favourite words of hers would have to be these: As for my favourite moment of the day, it would have to be the few minutes alone that Steve and I stole during the reception. We deliberately found ourselves a quiet corner and just took a moment to soak it all in. It was amazing to stand back and marvel that all these people were there to celebrate and share our day with us. It was a really humbling and ‘full-heart’ moment.

I felt the same way on my wedding day. It's pretty incredible to feel that all those people have gone to so much trouble just for you, and to witness this physical manifestation of their support and love: I was quite blown away. Weddings are lovely, aren't they??!

You can see the Magnolia Rouge feature here, and my blog post on Niki and Steve's wedding here.


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