Old friends

Forrrrrty four years these two have been sitting together at this bench for smoko - forty four years! Ron (left) and his wife Chris came out from England in 19xxx and Ron started working on our family farm just out of Methven. Every weekday in my childhood we'd see Ron puttering up the road on his motorbike (with that same red helmet unless my memory fails me) and every day he'd ride the bike home to town for lunch with Chris before returning for the afternoon. But morning tea was always taken at this bench in the workshop, so I was thrilled when Ron turned up as I was taking some photos of Dad on a recent trip home. Dad had just been telling me that my brother John had recently found a little shed that would make a perfect standalone smoko room, with a hot water boiler, heating, comfy chairs - he thought he was onto a winner. Nope, Ron said. THIS is where I sit. Dad-2

And here's my father on his own. I love this photo. Dad


National Scouts Photography School

Family shoot at Lyall Bay