PDN Photoplus in New York

It's been a whirlwind few days of amazing speakers at PDN Photoplus here in New York and I've come away from the conference with so many new ideas to think about! The line-up was so impressive that I had a really hard time deciding who to go and listen to. In the end I settled on Joe McNally, Jerry Ghionis, Elizabeth Messina, Bambi Cantrell, Tamara Lackey, Jay Maisel, Doug Gordon and Lindsay Adler. They were all really good but it's ironic that one of the standouts for me was Jerry, who's an Aussie. You come all this way... Actually it was nice to hear the antipodean accent. He was hassling the New Yorkers, saying goddammit about something, apologising and saying gosh dang instead, then adding: "It's the same thing you know, you're not getting away with it. God KNOWS."

We had snow yesterday! Very exciting. Here it is on a yellow cab:

The expo at PDN was absolutely enormous, but I managed not to spend too much money there. Unfortunately I then spent a whole heap at the incredible B&H store in town. It was such an experience. It's run by Orthodox Jews so they all have the caps and the little side ringlets, and there's an amazing ordering/delivery system. You take what you want to a staff member, who takes it off you, giving you a ticket instead. Then you go to the service counter, where your item rolls up in a green crate on a special conveyer belt that runs beneath the desk. They scan the item and give you a new ticket, and then the item disappears off in its green crate again, to reappear down at the bottom floor cashier. The conveyers run overhead here, and up and down special lift shafts, so it's all whirring and clicking and there are green crates whizzing everywhere - it was like the doors scene from Monsters Inc.

It all seemed very impressive until I got home and realised I was missing two A-clamps. They were only $2.99 each so it's hardly worth going back, and it probably serves me right for coming all the way to New York and buying A-clamps anyway. It's hardly a romantic purchase, is it? It's like the time I went to Paris and bought a colander.

Here's the Photoplus expo floor:

These poor girls stood all day striking different poses and 'modelling' Nikon cameras. There were some inspirational products on sale, and some that were.... not inspiring:

I liked the advertising on the main steps at the convention centre:

And finally, a nice wee view on the street today:

Mum and I plan to spend the day shopping in Soho tomorrow, and then on Monday we're off to Boston and around the coast. I am looking forward to sitting at a cafe in a picturesque town overlooking the sea and eating lobster...


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