Portraits of Morning Report's Susie Ferguson for Canvas

What an immense privilege to photograph the amazing Susie Ferguson for the cover of this week's Canvas magazine in the New Zealand Herald. I don't know that I have ever photographed someone with such a fascinating story to tell! Susie talks to reporter Alan Perrott about leaving Scotland at 18, teaching Prince William at Eton College and then heading off to some of the world's most dangerous countries. Susie spent six years in war zones, where her experiences included being shot at, having her vehicle stoned by angry Iraqis and being driven into a minefield (which required a nerve-jangling slow reversal over their own tyre tracks). She and Guyon Espiner recently replaced veteran presenter Geoff Robinson as presenters of Radio New Zealand's Morning Report, with Susie based in Wellington and Guyon working out of the Auckland studio.

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Phoenix, Arizona