Rachael and Paul's wedding at Brackenridge

Rachael and Paul scored a beautiful blue day for their wedding last weekend at the Brackenridge Country Retreat in Martinborough. They both got ready on site, but in cottages at opposite ends of the retreat so there was no chance of spoiling any surprises! undefinedundefined

This lovely photo of the rings was taken by my assistant Mark Berger.


Rachael and Paul's two children were flowergirl and pageboy and looked extremely cute in their posh outfits (although I was reliably informed that the dress got quite scratchy after a while).


Ethan had sensed all the excitement in the run-up to the wedding and he was determined not to have his naps during the day, so by the time the ceremony rolled around he was very tired and just wanted to be with Mum. Rachael and Paul welcomed this well-dressed little man into the proceedings and it was all good!


Photo above right by Mark.


Carla at Palliser Estate kindly allowed us to use one of their vineyards for the bridal party photos - it featured a wonderful old barn set amidst the vines.


The reception was also held at Brackenridge, and was every bit the sophisticated event that these two (or should I say Rachael?) put so much careful effort into planning. The wedding cake was just amazing! Must have taken been hours of work and a very steady hand.


Paul seemed thrilled to receive this gift but didn't wear it for long - I can't think why. Photo below left by Mark.


Rachael and Paul, congratulations on your beautiful wedding and all the best as you continue your journey through life together.

Hair and makeup: Jo Bentley

Dress: Brides on Thorndon

Cake: Irene O'Regan and Beth Fuge

Beautiful light

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