Roxy and Shaun's freakshow circus wedding, Kefalonia

This was the first time I've second-shot for anyone (my first freakshow circus wedding too for that matter!) and I have to say it was a pretty cool gig. I was assisting Photography by Jane and was just there for a couple of hours to help cover the ceremony and shoot the guests (so to speak) while Jane took the bridal party off for photos. At most weddings the guests would just be milling around chatting and sipping champagne, but these ones were getting tattoos, having their fortunes read and snogging each other in the kissing booth. Their outfits looked awesome - there were conjoined twins, a bearded lady, and even the youngest guest was rocking it with her fang dummy. :) I was envious of Jane getting to take portraits of Roxy, who looked very elegant in her black lace wedding dress by Rasha Taylor. And by all accounts things stepped up a gear or two after I left, with fire-dancing, pole acrobatics and a performance in which a woman sawed through her six-inch steel waist belt with an angle grinder! You can check out Jane's photos here - just click on the link for her blog.

Freakshow wedding-054Freakshow wedding-055Freakshow wedding-051

Boomrock sky

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