Sam, Emily, Lee and Jim

Girl and her soft toy Lee contacted me after I photographed her son Sam as part of his pre-school's annual photos last year, as she wanted to get some photos of daughter Emily too, and the whole family together. We went for a walk to the local park, and I put my long lens on and ran ahead of the family (Emily's not the fastest on her scooter!) to get some candid shots before we arrived at the playground. The shot above was my favourite from the whole session, as Emily had a wee quiet moment with her soft toy mouse during the walk, which she found quite long. As you can tell from a quick flick through the galleries on my main website, I have a penchant for photographing kids' quiet or grumpy moments, not just the smiles. It's a big part of the package! I also liked this next shot, where Lee was trying to cheer Emily up.Mum trys to cheer up sad daughterKids with tricycles and scootersPre-school boy sitting on a wall

Emily was pretty happy once we reached the park, and had a wonderful time on the seesaw and slide.Pre-school kids in the playgroundGirl having fun in the parkSmiling pre-school girl in black and white

The park also had an awesome tree that appealed to me as much as the slide did to the kids. Must go back there and use it again! I loved how it cradled them like a giant hand.

Kids climbing treeMum, Dad and the kidsIn the parkPre-school girl in the park

I gave Sam and Emily lollipops at the end of the shoot, and Emily's just happened to match her top and tights :)

"Everyone's happier when they're lit"

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